Ego & Japan

Like almost a month ago, Mom, he and me, went to a Japanese Music Concert at El Teatro Nacional.
We went there reallyl early and we were hungry, so we stop by “Ego & Narciso” and had this exquisite food which I’ll never forget.
The SUCCESS dish “Causa de Mariscos”
It consisted of jumbo shrimps, salmon, avocado, and pumpkin.
Mom gave this dish a ten, and so did we!
He and Me asked for some “Tapas”
It consisted of toasted bread, goat cheese, arugula, plum and a prosciutto.
We gave it a 7. It was good but not great.

The place is nice and cozy, I loved the idea of painting the walls red and not white or yellow.
I highly recommend this restaurant for a date or a girls nite out.
So we ate and ate and then ate a lil more until the clock hit 6 and we went into the Theater.
We were one hour early and there was already a long line for getting in..

The concert was beautiful, both Mr. Kaoru Watanabe and Miss Yumi Kurosawa are excellent musicians, I must say, the wait was worth it.

What I liked the most of that night is the almost at the end of the concert Mr Watanabe and Miss Yumi wore the real Panamanian Hats “El Sombrero Pinta’o”

They played “El suspiro de Una Fea” SUCCESS!
Definitely a night to remember.



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