“La ciudad donde nadie es forastero”

So this is how it started. My boyfriend thought of going to Chitré for our anniversary and so we did.
There I met his family, really nice, and lovable people by the way. We fooled around most of the time here and there, it really was a wonderful weekend. The only thing I regret is not taking more shots. I spent most of the time admiring the splendor of this beautiful place. So here it goes, the shots from one of the places we went. El Agallito

On the way to El AgallitoOn our way to “El Agallito”
It took like no more than 15 minutes to get there from the City.

Lovely WaterLovely Swampy Water. It was a lovely sunset.

FisherSo we arrived there and there were some really interesting characters like this Mr. Fisher for example. He and his friend were trying to catch something but I don’t know what, and by the time we left they’d given up.

CutarrasI just love the Cutarras, someday I’ll have mine you’ll see!

#3My boyfriend asked me what to do if I wanted to shoot the colors of the sun without the sun or something like that, I don’t really remember. The thing is,  I did it, and took this picture as a sample, and by mistake we realized the clouds and the sun were in a 3-ish kinda shape. Spooky.

A Little of Product Placement“He” was playing around with my D60. A Lil of Product Placement.

Rainbow of LoveShe and He. Shot by Marlitt.
I just think the blurriness adds something to this.

HeHe really is more mature thank he looks. Ha ha ha. 🙂

BlueAn old electric blue pole.

ZoeMarieWe met this lil cute girl in here. Her name is ZoeMarie and she love Doritos.
We left just after we met her.

Ludwig Van BeethovenOn our way back to the city I saw this cloud and I swear to god it just looks like Beethoven to me.


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